Out of the Phone - Les carnets photo

Carrefour Bellevue (2018) — 52 p. — 28 €

This book contains 43 black and white photos taken in Marseille with an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app. You can have a look at some of them by reading the story Carrefour Bellevue.

This photo series began in 2013 while Marseille was the European Capital of Culture. It has been pursuing since that year, along the streets we call boulevards, in the dead ends on the sea. No matter the north, no matter the south, there is no real center in Marseille. The blue of the sky as a shade of gray, sometimes the rain. They travel. They despair and hope again. Somewhere, a music. Who's watching?


Les Crocs Electriques

Interlignes (2016) — 36 p. — 5 €

This book contain black and white photos taken in the streets of Marseille, Paris or Evora, mostly in the night, using an iPhone or film cameras. You can order it on the Web site of Les Crocs Electriques.


GLC Editions

Polaphones (2011) — 64 p. — 20 €

This book contains 146 color photos taken with an iPhone and the CameraBag app. You can watch a teaser of Polaphones.

Format 26x17cm à l'italienne, 64 pages, 146 photographies imprimées en quadrichromie, couverture souple, relié cousu. Édité à 275 exemplaires.ISBN : 979-10-90922-00-6